Developing a Solar system is a complex problem that engages numerous different design aspects and conditions.
Tandcove provides complete system designs by pre engineered standardised component system design.
Topographical Survey

Tandcove’s aerial drone survey services now allow us to create an accurate contour map of large areas of land, with better visuals than conventional surveys, in a fraction of the time, providing clients with an even better understanding of their potential project site.

Hydrological Study

Tandcove’s dedicated Geologists and engineers have experience in providing detailed hydrological assessments, which are carried out as part of the flood risk, and drainage assessments. These use a combination of topographical information, site investigations, hydrological data, and more.

Geotechnical Study

Tandcove’s geotechnical services use specialty subsurface investigation techniques. Tandcove undertakes unique Geological Analysis for sub surface conditions by the use of the latest generation Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI).

Mounting System Foundation

Foundation selection is critical for a cost effective installation of PV solar panel support structures. Tandcove undertakes and understands both the cost saving and risk reduction prerequisites in providing precise sizing for solar pile foundations.

Power Plant Design

Utility-scale solar farms need ground mounting systems and layout that suit the specific topography and geology of the site. Tandcove uses Aerial Drone technologies to evaluate site locations suitable for solar farm Power Plant development.

Operation and Maintenance Specification

Tandcove advocates the use of aerial drones for a variety of operation and maintenance tasks at solar facilities in general and photovoltaic (PV) systems plant infrastructure.

"Providing for highest design specification, lowest project delivery cost with uppermost infrastructure efficiency."

TANDCOVE uses robotic processes together with proprietary software to accurately survey site conditions, selectively optimise solar farm Power Plant layout and determine required financial, energy outputs.


We are a dynamic team of experienced individuals, with an excellent balance of technical skills, management, and leadership qualities.



Following a successful corporate career, Ross transition to the Solar Industry (just over 10 years ago) and has had involvement in a number of start-up business in the segment. Ross’s experience encompasses R & D, strategic business development, sales and marketing and project management.




With over 35 years of industrial Electronics Engineering, Andrew has focused the last 15 years working primarily on Solar PV & Renewable Energy Technology installation engineering projects.



Paul has been involved with the exploration and construction materials testing industry for over 25 years. His geographic experience spans Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and NW New South Wales.



An economic geologist with a broad range of general experience, Stuart's technical and leadership skills extend from strategic direction setting, greenfields and brownfields exploration, resource development and feasibility studies, into solar operations geology.